Product Care & Safety

Product Care Advice

To assist you and help preserve the longevity of your suit we offer the following care advice.

  • It is recommended that you wear suitable clothes underneath your bee suit for added protection, but remember - no bee suit can offer you 100% protection from bee stings.
  • Double check when you visit your apiary that all fastenings are suitably closed in a bid to keep the bees where they belong. Make sure suitable gauntlets/gloves are worn to cover your wrist area and your suit legs are well tucked down into your boots.
  • Routine checks of your suit are advised, remember - a damaged suit could compromise your safety.
  • Careful washing of your suit at 30 degrees is recommended and hand washing your veil is essential.
  • Should the veil sustain damage replacement ‘zip-on zip-off’ veils are now available from your local buzz supplier. Never pull hard at the veil and keep smokers well away.
  • Bee keeping can be hazardous and you are recommended to take the necessary precautions before you set out.


Safety Disclaimer

No responsibility will be taken by Queen Bee Limited T/a Buzz in the event you get stung at your apiary or whilst carrying out bee type activities/manipulations. Those people allergic to bee stings are advised to find an alternative recreational activity.


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