Useful Links

We want to share our favourite websites with you. When we hear of a great site we list it. - British Beekeeping Association  Soil association  Bee base A film about vanishing bees  Chris Slade's bee blog  Hives saves lives  Laboratory of apiculture and social insects

Bee a Buzz Giver

Why not donate some extra funds at the checkout to go into the "Buzz Giving" pot for the customer who is finding it difficult to buy all the kit they require - the gesture is small, but the act is endlessly inspiring.
Buzz Giver

What makes buzz so great?

Firstly we're beekeepers ourselves, so we understand your needs. We're passionate about each of our products and we search the world to bring you the best fabric, fasteners and features.
We are passionate about beekeeping
We travel the world for the best materials